Safe and Sound Protocol

SSP Brochure

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About SSP

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a therapeutic listening intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. SSP is based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory. This theory focuses on what is happening in the body and the nervous system and explains how our sense of safety, or danger or threat, can impact our behaviour.

The SSP uses filtered music to stimulate the Vagus nerve and provide cues of safety to help shift the nervous system into our Ventral Vagal state and to more consistently feel safe and calm.

How is SSP delivered?

  • Typically delivered over 5 consecutive days with a total of 1 hour of listening each day (on average each listening session takes 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on each individuals nervous system needs).
  • Listening to filtered music while completing quiet, relaxing activities. It is important that the nervous system is allowed to stay in a state of “Rest and Digest” and not become over stimulated. No talking is encouraged to allow the client to focus on the listening.
  • Music is preloaded on to listening device (MP3) and listened to by client with over the ear headphones.
  • A person of safety (often a care giver/parent) is in attendance while the client is listening to the filtered music. This helps provide cues of safety to the client.

SSP is designed to prime the nervous system to engage in therapy, and therefore WHR Allied Health utilise SSP as part of a suite of therapeutic tools to support our clients achieve their goals. SSP is recommended by a qualified occupational therapist, following a thorough assessment of the individual client and their needs. SSP is utilised by WHR Allied Health in a bottom-up approach to assist improve clients sensory and emotional regulation and their ability to achieve therapeutic outcomes.

What's Involved?

  • Intake session to gain a comprehensive baseline understanding of the clients functional performance and goals and identifying clients Autonomic Nervous System traits.
  • 2 x introductory education sessions to prepare the client for the SSP. This includes education on SSP, the nervous system and Polyvagal Theory, sensory mapping and completion of outcome measure prior to commencing implementation of the SSP.
  • Delivery of the SSP (5 days):
    • Days 1 & 5 are conducted face to face with trained OT implementing SSP
    • Option for days 2,3,4 to be delivered remotely via video conferencing if appropriate**OT to discuss this with you at initial sessions.
  • Post SSP follow up: repeat of outcome measures (between 2 & 4 weeks) post implementation.
  • Reporting on outcomes with completion of SSP Summary Report including recommendations for ongoing supports.


Please note that the costing noted below is a minimum cost and dependent upon client needs. These may be higher. This will be explained to the client during the intake process.

Existing clients: 18.5 hours of occupational therapy (as OT initial assessment phase has already been completed) – $3,588.81.

New clients: 23.5 hours of occupational therapy supports (includes OT Initial Assessment) – $4,558.76

Access to the SSP is $100 per course for one week (some individuals may be recommended or choose to complete the SSP balance program after 6 weeks, which will incur a second $100 fee).

This will be invoiced to the client prior to commencement of the program and is required to be paid prior to SSP commencement. The costs can often be paid from ‘low cost/low risk’ budgets of client’s plans.

**Travel to/from client for face to face sessions will incur additional charges, depending on client location.


To make a referral for SSP, please click here to download our referral doc.