Occupational Therapy

Why WHR Allied Health?

We believe that a supportive work culture is key to providing exceptional, compassionate, and flexible allied health services. We are proud to be at the leading edge of clinical practice, prioritising our work culture and continuous learning, utilising the latest technology and techniques to deliver the best possible outcomes for our staff and clients.

We prioritise the mental health of our staff and clients by ensuring all of our full-time team are certified by Mental Health First Aid Australia to be mental health first aiders.

We take our professional development seriously and actually exceed our AHPRA professional development requirements by 4-5 times, with most therapists completing more than 100 professional development hours per year! In addition to professional development, we prioritise fortnightly and monthly supervision for all our staff, conduct peer reviews of all client reports and letters prior to publishing them for client use. Our staff are consulted as leaders in their fields, which is something that makes us incredibly proud and can give our clients comfort that they’re receiving excellent clinical interventions. Our commitment to ongoing education and shared learning experiences ensures that our team is always up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices.

If you’re interested in seeing the areas of CPD completed by our staff, visit the Resources page.

Our vision is to Effect Change – To provide the highest quality client-centred allied health interventions and supports that promote independence.

Here’s what some of our Occupational Therapists have to say about working as an Occupational Therapist at WHR Allied Health:

‘It is an honour to work with somebody to achieve health, well-being and a greater quality of life.’ – Zoe Dent, WHR OT

‘I enjoy supporting people to achieve their goals and increase their independence! I love being a part of an epic team at WHR and every day is completely different which keeps it exciting!’ –Melissa Smith, WHR OT

What is Occupational Therapy?


To receive occupational therapist supports from our team, there is no requirement for a GP referral. However, if you would be seeking to claim a reimbursement from Medicare for costs incurred (they can rebate where the GP has referred to us to provide ‘occupational therapy supports Medicare Item – 10958),  the rebate is $55.10 per session, up to 5 sessions. You will be able to make the claim directly from Medicare using the invoices provided by us. To be eligible for the rebate, sessions must be at least 20 minutes, face to face or via telehealth. Separately, you may also be able to claim occupational therapist supports from private health insurance if you have coverage. You can also pay for our services privately.


Our hourly rates are $193.99 per hour, and this applies to all time spent on providing supports to our clients, including contact with other treaters, travel, school/community based supports, report writing etc. If you would like to proceed with supports, please complete the attached referral form and our admin team will get in touch to discuss further.

Do you know that eligible participants can access a rebate for up to 5 occupational therapy sessions via Medicare? Check out our information sheet, or our Medicare page for more information


You can self-refer or ask your support coordinator or another support person to fill in our referral form. Click here to refer or contact our friendly admin team at 03 5261 9037 to discuss your referral.